Finfoot Lake Reserve


segway game safari lake

Segways game safari

Ditch the old days with our new outdoor Segway’s that will take you through our majestic wildlife with a touch of 21st century technology

elusive finfoot birdwatching

Bird Watching

See if you can spot the elusive Finfoot among over 400 species on our reserve. The Finfoot is a world famous must spot for the avid birder!

barge cruise lake view finfoot lake reserve

Barge Cruises

Cruising each day through some of South Africa’s finest scenery, makes our barge cruise a truly unique experience

canoe trips finfoot lake

Canoe trips

South Africa is blessed with fantastic rivers, beautiful scenery, and a climate made for the outdoors enthusiast, so if you’re looking for action of the paddling variety, you’re in for a treat.

finfoot game drive

Game Drives

Become part of Africa as you experience our great abundance of wildlife, birds and the great African bush as the sun goes down on our daily game drives

bush walks family finfoot lake reserve

Guided Bush walks

Get closer than ever before to the true beauty of the Africa bush with our guided bush walks that give you qan up close look at the beauty that Africa holds

finfoot lake reserve mountain biking

Mountain biking

Bring along you bike and enjoy our trails which will accommodate any skill level from beginner to the more advanced rides

start gazing finfoot


An unforgettable voyage of the southern hemisphere night sky – pointing out the stars, constellation and other objects in the sky with powerful portable telescopes operated on site.

clay pigeon shooting finfoot lake reserve

Clay shooting

Of the true adrenaline junkie out there clay pigeon shooting ia a way for you to wind down a relax while shooting all the stress of the city away.

finfoot lake reserve fishing


Make sure not to forget all your gear so that you may take advantage of our amazing offering on the lake


Games room

Offering various leisure time activities from snooker to darts

minute to win it

Minute to win it

The Minute to Win it activity is based on the hit TV show. Included on Request

laser games finfoot

Laser Games

A safe, realistic, structured hi-tech combat team game for any number of players. included on request

casino game finfoot

“Casino” Games

A fun filled evening of gambling! Real chips are used to create this evening of fun and laughter. No money involved! included on request

pool cocktail finfoot lake reserve

Cocktail Challenge

Are you the next great barman put you mixology skills to the test to see which team can create the best cocktails

finfoot lake reserve scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt

Is your team the best, have a try at our scavenger hunt where teams will have to work together to find all the hidden objects throughout the reserve

finfoot lake reserve potjiekos food fire

Potjiekos Competition

Is your team the true foodies of the group or are you the fast food take away form down the road put your potjie skills to the test with our potjiekos competition

creative thinking games

Creative thinking

This activity consists of a series of problem solving activities that will give your team a new perspective and promote creative thinking. included on request

fire walk finfoot

Fire Walk

Fire Walking adds impact to team building; is portable and can be run virtually anywhere without risk to participants or the venue. included on request

amazing race finfoot

Amazing race

An Amazing Race is a fun, fast paced team event, where through a series of tasks and discoveries teams are ultimately aiming to be the first at the finish line. included on request

survival fittest finfoot

Survival of the fittest

You get lost in a jungle. How far will you go to survive? This will be a test for your team’s knowledge, persistence and creativity. included on request

fear factor finfoot

Fear Factor

The Fear Factor activity is based on the TV show and includes 3 sub activities ranging from bush banquets, to fire walking and abseiling. included on request

bridge building finfoot

Bridge building

Team members are faced with the challenge of building a bridge using only cardboard and duct tape that will support the weight of your entire group or a golf cart driven over it. included on request

karaoke finfoot


Teams will be divided into groups where they will compete to be the next idol. included on request

murder dinner casino

Murder Dinner & Casino

Combine an evening of murder and mayhem with a battle for money, for one of the best functions of your life! Don’t worry, not real money! included on request

murder mystery dinner

Murder Mystery Dinner

Everyone is a suspect when murder is on the menu; serve up murder, mystery and fun for corporate and social groups. included on request

orienteering compass finfoot


Navigate your way through a set of instructions with only a compass and a map. included on request

interactive drumming

Interactive drumming

Learn synergy the African way. Learn to play a variety of beats and then put it all together in an amazing ensemble. included on request

creative building

Creative building

Be a child again. By using building blocks you and your team need to build certain objects. included on request

binoculars birding finfoot lake reserve

Activities on request

We offer additional activities which are provided upon request: Stargazing – min 25 pax Laser War games Bridge building Amazing race Minute to win it Creative thinking Fear factor Survival of the fittest Orienteering Creative building Interactive drumming Karaoke Fire walk Casino games Murder mystery Murder dinner   Laser adventures [read more]